Reviewing your deposits

Checking your deposits

If you create an account in NED you can see a list of all previous deposits made under that account.

Removing a publication from NED

Publishers who wish to remove a publication from NED after it has been deposited should submit a takedown request via their member library. All requests for takedown will be considered according to the NSLA Position statement on takedown.

New editions, reprints and corrected copies

The NED service accepts new editions of ebooks for legal deposit, which are added to the collection alongside previous editions.

A new edition should have an edition statement on the imprint page (e.g. ’second edition‘ or ‘revised edition‘) and a new ISBN (ISBNs cannot be reused). New editions frequently contain new content or extensive revisions.

NED does not accept reprints or updated versions of electronic materials containing corrections or other minor changes. We strongly encourage depositors to make sure that they are confident that they have submitted the final version of the publication.

Reviewing access conditions

If you have a registered account in NED you can login and view or download your deposit history to check the access conditions for each of your deposited publications. You can also search Trove for the catalogue record for your publications to check the access conditions.

If you wish to change the access conditions for your publication, send a request to your member library and they can update the conditions on your behalf.

Your publication’s access conditions will never be changed without your consent. However, access conditions nominated by depositors cannot reduce or restrict rights under legislation.

Publication usage reports

NED includes metrics to monitor onsite usage of publications. We are happy to provide you with usage reports on request. Contact your member library if you would like to arrange this.